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What is Title Insurance and how does it work?

Title insurance is what essentially covers underlying issues with a property’s title and protects lenders and homebuyers from financial loss sustained from the property’s title and in most cases with Title Insurance it can be missed before you even purchase the home. Not only that, but Title Insurance can also provide a cash settlement to a new owner that purchased the property with a forged deed from a fraudulent seller who did not actually own the home. 

Having a Title Insurance can be very helpful especially when buying a new home. Having title insurance also protects you against losing any equity and the right of living in the home after you have purchased it. Although some feel that spending money on title insurance is a waste especially if it’s never needed, it’s important to have it in case something does happen where title insurance will protect your interest in case anything were to happen to your home.

What are some things that aren't covered by Title Insurance

Not all things are covered by Title Insurance, so lets go through some examples of what isn’t covered by Title Insurance.  Pest infestations are not covered by title insurance because title insurance don't cover incidents that lead the property t be worsening after the property has been closed. Weather damage such as wind damages or fire damages won’t be covered by the title insurance policy because it doesn’t harm the home’s title which is a secured document that serves as proof of legal ownership of the property and only homeowners insurance would be able to cover damages like that. Mold or mildew won’t be covered by title insurance either no matter how much of it begins to form homeowners insurance is needed to have those damages covered. 

Do I really need to purchase Title Insurance?

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